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Professor Alexander Veselov

Photo of Professor Alexander Veselov

Professor of Mathematics

Head of Department


Moscow State University:

  • 1977 MSc (Hons) in Mathematics
  • 1982 PhD (supervisor S.P. Novikov)
  • 1991 Doctor of Science


  • Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics, Moscow: 1980-84 Junior Research Fellow
  • Department of Mathematics and Mechanics, Moscow State University: 1984-95 Assistant, Associate and Full Professor
  • School of Mathematics, Loughborough University: 1995-present Professor of Mathematics

Research area

  • Integrable Systems and Geometry
  • Mathematical Physics

Current Research Interests

  • Methods of algebraic geometry in the theory of integrable systems.
  • Quantum Calogero-Moser systems, KZ equations and representation theory.
  • Algebraic integrability of Schroedinger operators in many dimensions and Huygens' Principle.
  • Integrable systems in geometry and topology. Integrable gradient flows. Solvable spectral problems on manifolds.
  • Painleve-type equations and spectral theory of Schroedinger operators.
  • Hamiltonian formalism, action-angle variables and Riemann surfaces.
  • Discrete integrable systems. Yang-Baxter maps. Theory of multi-valued groups and iterated correspondences.
  • Solvable algebraic and functional equations.

Member of Editorial Boards of academic journals “Advances in Mathematical Physics”, “Journal of Nonlinear Mathematical Physics” and “Regular and Chaotic Dynamics”, Editorial Council of “Functional Analysis and Its Applications” and Advisory Board of “Inverse Problems”.


  • Head of Geometry and Mathematical Physics research group
  • Co-organiser of weekly Geometry and Math Physics seminars and annual “Integrable Days at Loughborough”

Teaching - modules

MAC147 - Number theory - An introduction in the classical number theory.

MAD102 - Regular and Chaotic Dynamics - An introductory course on integrable and chaotic dynamics.

Christmas challenges, traditional mathematical challenges for undergraduate students.

Some recent publications

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