'Real buzz' fills lecture theatre for successful inaugural lecture

Professor Claudia Eberlein, Dean of School of Science, 'delighted' with turnout for her inaugural lecture on Wednesday 15 January.

Claudia Eberlein, Bob Allison, Philip Harris
Professor Claudia Eberlein (centre), with Vice-Chancellor Professor Bob Allison (right) and Professor Philip Harris (left).

A packed lecture theatre of more than 160 people, internal and external to the University, turned out on Wednesday 15 January for Professor Claudia Eberlein’s Inuagural Lecture. And if you missed it, don't worry! There's a link to the lectue at the end of this article.

Professor Eberlein, who joined Loughborough in 2018 from the University of Sussex as the Dean of the School of Science, presented her lecture on the topic of quantum theory titled ‘Quantum Wonders for the Real World’.

Amongst the audience were a few special guests of Professor Eberlein’s, including her former PhD supervisor Professor Gabriel Barton from Sussex, colleague Professor Philip Harris – Head of the School of Mathematics and Physics Sciences at Sussex and another colleague Professor Edmund Copeland from Nottingham who had been her internal PhD examiner at Sussex in 1993. A friend from Sussex Sharon Richenberg was also amongst the crowd

Also joining were Carl aged 17 and Charlot aged 12, to give their mum some moral support and to learn about the wonders of quantum physics.

Professor Eberlein said: “I was delighted that so many people came, followed and engaged with me and that it went so well. I could feel a real buzz from the audience which I enjoyed immensely. 

"I had thought on and off over many weeks, even months what I would present at my inaugural and how, to share my excitement with the audience but also provoke critical thought, while at the same time not offending anyone, but do it in a positive manner.

"I am delighted that it worked so well. Indeed, I have already been asked by quite a few people whether I'll give a follow-up. I'll have to think about what format that could take, but I would definitely be up for it."

Missed Professor Eberlein’s lecture? Don’t worry you can listen back here.