Department of Mathematical Sciences to celebrate gift of Sir Isaac Newton's apple tree

The Department of Mathematical Sciences has been gifted a direct descendent of Sir Isaac Newton's apple tree, which will be planted on University grounds in November.

The Department of Mathematical Sciences will be marking a special occasion next month, as a direct descendent of Sir Isaac Newton’s apple tree at Woolsthorpe Manor is planted on University grounds.

The apple tree, gifted to the department by the National Trust in recognition of support from colleagues, will be placed outside the Schofield Building on Thursday 14 November.

The department is delighted to welcome former Vice Chancellor Sir David Wallace and celebrated British mathematical physicist Sir Michael Berry to the tree planting which will take place at 3.30pm.

Also on the day will be the prestigious Sir David Wallace Lecture, which this year will be presented by Dr Richard Keesing, University of York, titled A brief history of Newton, Gravity and the Apple.

Dr Keesing, a renowned expert in the history of Newton’s apple tree in Grantham and the discovery of universal gravitation, will deliver the lecture at 5.00pm in U020 Brockington Building. To read his abstract and book your place, visit the event webpage here.