School of Science staff and students enjoy success in this year's Loughborough Academic Awards

Staff and students from within the School of Science were nominees and winners in a number of categories in the 2019 Academic Awards.

The 2019 Loughborough Academic Awards night took place on Thursday 16 May and it was fantastic to see many nominees from the School of Science. To all of them my congratulations and sincere thanks on behalf of the School.


  • Champion of Peer Support Award: Sian Williams (nominated), Pooja Goddard (nominated)
  • Champion of Student Representation: Eugenie Hunsicker (winner), Sian Williams (nominated)
  • Excellence In Teaching Award: Daniel Reidenbach (Highly Commended certificate)
  • Digital Innovation Award: Mike Walsh (nominated)
  • Special Recognition Award: Sandie Dann (winner)


Our students did very well too! Many congratulations to the whole team in Computer Science, which was declared the ‘Department of the Year’.

Congratulations also to Zac Jordan, Maths, who won the ‘Department Chair of the Year’ award. Among others, Zac organised the ‘World Pi Day’, an event nominated in the category ‘Event of the Year’.

Congratulations to Dan Nock, former Foundation Year student now in Wolfson, on receiving the ‘Student Coordinator Award of the Year’ and to Conor Dougen in Chemistry, who won the ‘Outstanding Impact Award’.

Congratulations to Benedek Dombos, Maths, nominated for the ‘PAL facilitator of the Year’ award, to Sian Goodwin, Maths, and Alex Robertson, Design (and former Foundation student), both nominated for the ‘School President of the Year’ award.

Congratulations to Sanmare Van Der Bijl, Maths (and former Foundation student), nominated for ‘Peer Mentor of the year’ and to Chris Reynolds, Computer Science (and former Foundation student), nominated for the ‘Department Committee Member of the Year’ award.

Congratulations to a number of students nominated for the ‘Outstanding Impact Award’, with 4 out of 5 of the nominees originating in Science! Rob Jayes, ITMB (and former Foundation student), Sanmare Van Der Bijl, Maths (and former Foundation), Dan Nock, Wolfson (and former Foundation) and the winner Conor Dougen, Chemistry.

Well done, everyone!

Thank you to Prof Sara Lombardo for this summary.