Adam Hughes


I hope to get a position in industry working in research and development. The skills I've gained from my PhD will be essential for this kind of role.

What courses did you previously study and where?

I studied undergraduate mathematics at Keele University and then moved to Loughborough to complete a one year MSc course in Industrial Mathematical Modelling. It was during this year that I decided Loughborough would be a great place to do a PhD.

Why did you choose to study at Loughborough?

My MSc course tutor originally suggested the idea of a PhD at Loughborough. I already knew and got on with my prospective supervisor at the time thanks to my MSc year. Getting on well with the staff was an important consideration for me when choosing where to study.

How are you funding your degree?

My PhD is entirely funded by the University. With help from my supervisor, I wrote an application for funding and a certain number of these applications are approved each year. The whole process was very straightforward.

What is your research project about?

I study how microscopic interactions within a fluid determine the macroscopic behaviour of the fluid. As an example, we may be interested in how a liquid behaves when in contact with a solid surface; will it spread out in a film or form liquid droplets?

What do you enjoy most about your PhD?

I enjoy having a relaxed atmosphere with flexible working hours. I also have the freedom to follow lines of research that interest me; I am not rigidly fixed to any plan. I get to attend several international conferences and summer schools as part of my PhD, which is a big highlight.

What do you think of the teaching quality and facilities?

All of the staff are helpful and very willing to give up their time to help you. All of the facilities I need for my research are made available for me.

What support have you had from the University?

Outside of the department, the graduate school runs a series of pretty helpful courses; I haven’t had to seek any other support really.

What do you hope to do when you graduate?

My current plan is to get a position in industry, hopefully working in research and development. The research skills I have picked up through my PhD will be essential in this type of role. Generally, I believe that having studied a PhD has made me a much more employable person than the one I was at the end of my undergraduate degree.

How has Loughborough University inspired you?

I have undertaken some teaching work during my course which really opened my eyes to teaching and has made me consider getting involved and helping young people a little more.