Geography and Environment

Undergraduate study

Field trips

Fieldwork is a vital part of geography and we offer an exciting range of fieldtrips for all our undergraduate students.

In the first year of your degree programme you will participate in a residential fieldcourse in the UK as part of your introduction to field-based research methods in human and physical geography. All essential costs of this fieldtrip (accommodation, travel, food) are covered as part of your tuition fees.

In the second and final years of each degree programme, we offer optional residential fieldcourses to a variety of locations. These are international fieldcourses and choosing to do them will incur an additional course cost.

Examples of recent fieldcourses*:

  • Physical Geography fieldcourse, Snowdonia
  • Human Geography fieldcourse, Paris
  • Arctic Glaciers fieldcourse, Tarfala, Sweden
  • Island Biogeography fieldcourse, Tenerife
  • Livelihoods in the Global South fieldcourse, Accra, Ghana
  • Global Cities Fieldcourse, Singapore
  • Practising Geography, Peak District

*Please note that destinations are renewed periodically and are therefore subject to change.