I want to implement send delays in Microsoft Outlook

By implementing send delays, you can provide yourself more time to notice and fix errors and hopefully prevent personal data breaches before they occur. Using the method below, you can also create exceptions or only apply send delays in certain higher risk situations. Always consider whether email is the most appropriate form of communication before hitting send, sensitive personal information must be handled carefully in accordance with data protection legislation.

1. In Microsoft Outlook, select File and then select Manage Rules and Alerts (if a pop-up opens asking you to choose between Client and Server, select Server).

Outlook screengrab showing the 'Manage rules and alerts' button circled for selection.

2. Select New Rule…

Outlook screengrab - here is the Rules and alerts dialog box, 'Email rules' tab is selected and 'New Rule' circled for selection.

3. To implement send delays on outgoing emails select ‘Apply rule on messages I send’ and then select Next,

Outlook screengrab - this is the Rules Wizard dialog with 'Apply rule on messages I send' circled for selection.

4. You can specify which situations you would like to implement a send delay on by selecting condition(s) or select Next to implement the delay on all outgoing emails,

Outlook screengrab - the Rules Wizard dialog, step one, with the 'Next' button circled for selection.

5. Select Yes,

Outlook screengrab - in response to the message asking ' This rule will be applied to every message you send. Is this correct', the 'Yes' button is circled for selection.

6. Select defer delivery by a number of minutes and in the pop-up box specify how many minutes you wish to delay delivery by (we recommend between 2-5 minutes), select OK and then select Next,

Outlook screengrab - selecting the action 'defer delivery by a number of minutes' from the Rules Wizard dialog, and entering a number in the 'Minutes' box.

7. Apply any exceptions you require and select Next,

Outlook screengrab - Ticking exceptions in the Rules Wizard and then clicking Next.

8. Finally, give this rule a name, we chose ‘Send Delay – All Outgoing Emails’, check the rule description and then select Finish.

Outlook screengrab - Finishing the rule setup by typing a name in the field to call it by.