A practical GDPR guide on working with our suppliers

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires that any contracts which involve suppliers processing personal data needs on the University’s behalf take appropriate account of GDPR.

The University is working towards meeting this requirement and has taken the following actions:

  • The University’s suite of Standard Terms & Conditions have been refreshed to take account of GDPR
  • Work has been done to identify the high risk contracts, i.e. those involving the processing of personal data on the University’s behalf; and
  • The University is working with suppliers holding high risk contracts to amend their contracts, substituting in the new contract conditions accounting for GDPR.

How you can help

Do please e-mail the details of any contracts involving the processing of personal data, of which you are aware, but you are not sure the Procurement team or IT Services are aware, to procurement@lboro.ac.uk.
(Note: The Procurement team and IT Services will be aware of any such contract if either were involved in the initial procurement exercise and/or the contract was recently added to the Third Party Software pro forma issued to all schools and departments for completion.)
Don’t agree to any new contract conditions issued by suppliers to take account of GDPR, as it is quite possible that they will seek to indemnify themselves against fines or claims under GDPR, so undermining the principles of the legislation and leaving the University financially exposed.
Don’t accept any price increases proposed by suppliers in order for them to comply with GDPR, as government guidance is clear that, “Suppliers will be expected to manage their own costs in relation to GDPR compliance”.
Do relay to any suppliers proposing new contract conditions and/or price increases relating to GDPR the University’s position and plans as set out here.

The new Standard Terms & Conditions, taking account of GDPR, will be incorporated into future procurement exercises and awarded contracts.