TRAC Sub-Committee

TRAC Business Cycle

  1. The Committee should meet 3 times per year, in October, November and January; there may be additional meetings as required, but this would not normally be more than once a year.
  2. The principal items of business conducted at each meeting are:
    1. October
      • Review of Terms of Reference and Membership
      • Review of Workload Model data (acceptance)
      • Consideration of Benchmarking results
      • Receipt of annual report to Finance Committee
      • TRAC Policy and Guidance (if necessary)
    2. November
      • Consideration of all key drivers, including
        • Student data
        • Space data including weighting factors.
        • Staff data
        • Research facilities calculations
        • Technician activity
        • Library and IT cost drivers
        • Workload Model data
      • TRAC Policy and Guidance (if necessary)
    3. January
      • Analysis of the Margin for Sustainability & Investment calculation
      • Receipt of return for previous year and recommendation to Accountable Officer
      • Workload Model – Progress report for current year