Research Quality Impact and Culture Review Group Sub-Committee

Terms of Reference

[These Terms of Reference are undergoing editing.]

The Research Quality Enhancement (ResQuE) Sub-Committee will deliver the quality enhancement element of Research Committee’s duty to monitor research performance across the University within the context of the University's Strategic Plan. In undertaking this role, the Sub-Committee will:

  1. Support Schools reviewing research performance, particularly collective performance and plans, with the primary intention of achieving excellence judged against national and, where possible, international benchmarks.
  2. Facilitate the sharing of best practice in research quality enhancement.
  3. In pursuit of excellence, consider elements associated with research output quality including but not limited to citation performance.
  4. In pursuit of excellence, consider elements associated with the research environment including but not limited to research culture within Schools, engagement with institutional initiatives such as the Graduate School and the Research Challenges, performance in research grants and contracts, and all aspects of the postgraduate research student experience from recruitment to completion.
  5. In pursuit of excellence, consider the visibility of research including but not limited to issues of open access and research data management, as well as associated compliance obligations.
  6. Make recommendations concerned with participation in research assessment exercises with a view to optimising outcomes for the University in such exercises.
  7. Operate in ways that complement the work of the Research Impact Development (RIDe) Sub-Committee, particularly in the formation of submissions to research assessment exercises.
  8. Report and make recommendations to Research Committee.