Learning and Teaching Committee

Terms of Reference

  1. To advise Senate on learning and teaching strategy and policy setting, and oversee the development of associated implementation plans.
  2. To keep under the review the effectiveness of arrangements for managing academic standards and assuring the quality of students' learning opportunities.
  3. To ensure that effective institutional approaches are developed and implemented to enhance the quality of provision.
  4. To ensure that effective arrangements are in place to identify, support, disseminate and reward effective practice and innovation in learning, teaching and assessment.
  5. To keep under review Regulations relating to the conduct of undergraduate and postgraduate taught programmes.
  6. To keep under review the operation of the University's modular, credit-based curriculum framework, the semesterised academic year, and the associated assessment processes.
  7. To oversee arrangements for assuring the quality and standards of collaborative provision.
  8. To receive reports and recommendations from the Curriculum Sub-Committee, Teaching Partnerships Sub-Committee, Student Experience Team, working groups which it may establish from time to time to address specific issues, and other groups, including the Equality and Diversity Working Group.
  9. To oversee the setting of policy in relation to the academic aspects of admission to taught programmes.
  10. To consider such other issues related to learning and teaching as may be referred to it by Senate, and to report to Senate after each meeting.