Information Governance Sub-Committee

Terms of Reference

  1. Advising and reporting to the Information & Technology Governance Committee (ITGC)
    1. To undertake actions as requested and advise the ITGC on matters relating to managing information governance, data privacy, and information security risks; as well as mitigative measures designed to improve cultural, and technical assurance, around the use of personal and confidential information and data across the University.
    2. To refer ITGC members to examples of good practice, guidance, and process from external sources that may be of value to the University.  Including advice, investigation outcomes, and enforcement actions all issued by the ICO.
  2. University Information Governance Polices
    1. To develop, review, maintain, and monitor policies to govern the management, use, and storage of information and data; ensuring they are relevant and assist the University in complying with its legal obligations and support relevant good practice.
    2. To oversee the implementation of the above policies across all sections of the University including steering the development, and monitoring the effectiveness of training and related initiatives
  3. University Information Governance Framework
    1. To review, maintain, and support compliance with relevant regulatory requirements through the delivery of appropriate management structures as defined in the Information Governance framework.
    2. To define and support the implementation of clear roles and responsibilities relating to the management of the University’s core information and data assets (data domains).
  4. Information Security Trend Analysis
    1. To consider information security breach trend analysis, in order to make recommendations regarding high-risk data security risks or issues to the Information Technology and Governance Committee for possible further action.
  5. Learning and Development
    1. To oversee the development, delivery and implementation of training and development opportunities to improve the knowledge and capabilities of University members and associates in managing and using personal and confidential information and data, and in complying with data privacy and security legislation.


Information Governance Sub-Committee: Composition and Membership

  • Chair – Academic Registrar
  • Academic School Representative – Operations Manager
  • IT Services – Deputy Director of IT Services and Head of Information Solutions
  • Senior IT Specialist – Information Security Lead
  • Academic Staff Member Representative – Academic staff member with expertise in information governance
  • Library Representative – Research Data Manager
  • Data Domain Representatives – Data Stewards (Staff, student, and Research Data Stewards: core members)
  • Data Co-ordinator Representative – Data Co-ordinator (vacant)
  • Secretary – Information Governance Manager


Cycle of Meetings

To meet at least four times per annum and on such occasions as the Chair deems necessary.


Renewal Date

Membership and Terms of Reference will be reviewed annually.  The next review data will be January 2021.