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Announcing Flux: A new sculpture for campus

We are delighted to announce Flux, the newest addition to our campus sculpture collection! Situated in the courtyard of Claudia Parsons Hall, the work was produced by Loughborough alumni Chiara Brown, Fred-Hendry Briars and Andrea Pocock, who were commissioned via a competition while they were still students. The project was inaugurated and generously funded by Barry and Valerie Eccleston.

A wooden sculpture consisting of vertical beams in a winding shape, on top of a small grass mound with halls of residence in the background
Flux in situ at Claudia Parsons Hall, Loughborough University. Jan 2024

Flux is one of the most ambitious student produced artworks realized on the campus of a British university in recent years. Conceptually, it references two journeys: the undulating shape is inspired by the highs and lows of the ‘student journey’, while the circular cut-out references Loughborough graduate Claudia Parson’s circumnavigation of the world by car (the first by a woman). Yet it is also designed to encourage passers-by to pause and reflect; taking time out of their day to consider the work from different angles, perch on its lower elements, or use the work to frame their surroundings.

3 students sitting on a large pile of logs
The Flux team (L-R Fred Hendry Briars, Chiara Brown, Andrea Pocock)

The sculpture was produced with support from Goodman’s Restoration Sawmill in Herefordshire, using timber from a sustainable forest in Powys. Its dark colour results from a burning process inspired by the Japanese wood preservation technique yakisugi.

A group of people standing around talking underneath a shaded canopy of trees
The team visiting the forest under the guidance of Goodman's Restoration

The artists were provided with mentoring support from Ivan Morison, who has produced a number of public works in wood.

The Flux team standing around a table looking at art with Ivan Morison
The Flux team visiting Ivan Morison's studio space

The artists also drew on their different disciplinary backgrounds. Chiara Brown graduated with a Master’s in Civil Engineering in 2022, and currently applies her expertise in sustainability, innovation and structural engineering as a Bridge Engineer. Fred Hendry-Briars graduated as a Bachelor of Architecture in 2022 and is continuing his studies with a Master’s in Architecture at Iceland University of the Arts, where he develops conceptual projects in response to the Icelandic landscape. Andrea Pocock graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art in 2021 and runs Cloudscape Studio, producing bespoke lighting creations while working as a Programme Administrator in the School of Design and Creative Arts.

6 square rendered designs of the Flux sculpture, vertical wooden beams stuck into steel fixings
Renders of the Flux design - courtesy of Chiara Brown & Fred Hendry Briars

We’re delighted to inaugurate Flux into our fascinating collection of campus sculpture, where it sits alongside works by artists such as Lynn Chadwick, Atta Kwami and Margaret Traherne, as well as other works by Loughborough University graduates. You can find out more about the works we have by visiting our sculpture page.

We’ll be hosting a public celebration of the work’s inauguration as part of our sculpture week in late April/early May. Keep an eye on the LU Arts webpages for information!

Barry and Valerie Eccleston with the Flux team on site at Claudia Parsons hall
Barry and Valerie Eccleston with the Flux team

This commission was made possible thanks to the generosity of donors Barry and Valerie Eccleston.