Photograph of a white male in his late forties with short light brown hair and grey framed glasses. he is smiling and wearing a black suit.

Nick Slater

Pronouns: He/him

Director of LU Arts

Part time: Monday to Wednesday

Photograph of a white female in her late forties with long blonde hair. She is smiling and wearing a navy top.

Rachel Fitzpatrick

Pronouns: She/her

Marketing and Communications Officer

Part time: Monday to Wednesday and Friday (school hours)

Photograph of a white male in his early forties with short sandy hair. He is smiling and wearing a blue cardigan over a white shirt.

David Bell

Pronouns: He/him

Arts Collection & Music Programme Curator

Part time: Monday to Wednesday.

Photograph of a white female in her late thirties with medium length red hair. She is smiling and wearing a brown top.

Lucy Lopez

Pronouns: She/her

Radar Curator

Part time: Monday to Wednesday

An image of LU Arts staff member Simon Kemp

Simon Kemp

Pronouns: He/him

Digital Marketing Assistant

Part time: Monday to Wednesday

Photograph of a white female in her early forties with medium length blonde hair. She is smiling and wearing a black and white top.

Lisa Pickford

Pronouns: She/her

Programme Co-ordinator

Part time: Monday to Wednesday and Friday (school hours)

Student Team

We employ a number of students on a casual basis to help support the delivery of our programme. This includes technical support, photographer(s) and event organisers for our regular live performance nights. 

Any vacancies for our Student Team are advertised under the 'Employability and Enterprise' section of our website and on social media.

In addition to the Student Team, there is an opportunity to earn money as an arts worker, running arts or craft workshops for other students. Find out about our arts worker training.

You can see the current members of our Student Team below. 

Chloe Cheng - Student photographer

Yajie Hu - Technician

Keisha Medhekar - Student Live Lounge Co-ordinator

Zed Omri - Student Live Lounge Co-ordinator

Charlotte Shearman Smith - Student Photographer

Anna Shipman - Speech Bubble Co-ordinator

Holly Sykes - Technician

An image of Chloe Cheng, LU Arts Student Photographer

Chloe Cheng

Student Photographer

My name is Chloe.
I have a keen interest in all aspects of photography: from working behind the scenes and getting to meet different people, to capturing special moments of friends and family, or different events.
Over the past year, I have taken on the role of the media representative for AU Dance. As part of this position, I took photos at numerous showcases, and even Loughborough Dance Competition. I have also volunteered at events, such as the English MA students’ ‘Behind The Mask’ festival and LboroVintage.  
Yajie Hu standing facing the camera in a colorful gallery

Yajie Hu


My name is Yajie Hu. I am a PhD student in the School of Design and Creative Arts at Loughborough University. Alongside my role as a doctoral researcher, I am a contemporary jewellery artist, exhibiting my jewellery creations internationally.

Ever since my childhood, I have held a deep passion for the creative arts. Exploring exhibitions, museums, and engaging in various creative activities has not only brought me joy but also motivated me to delve deeper into this realm through research.

I am very glad to be part of the team and to contribute my skills and build upon my experiences working with individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Keisha a student in her early twenties, smiling with long black hair

Keisha Medhekar

Hi, I’m Keisha, currently in my third year studying Media and Communications, and I will be running the Live Music events as this year’s Live Lounge Coordinator! I can’t wait to organise the Live Lounge Events highlighting Loughborough University’s immense musical talent and aim to ensure that all events are welcoming and enjoyable for everyone.

It’s an honour to contribute to offering student musicians a platform to display their talents and we hope to showcase a diverse range of performers this year. Above all, some of my best memories have to do with music and I would love to be able to share that with others.

I am so excited to work with LU Arts this year and am looking forward to seeing you all at the events!

Student in early twenties in front of trees in blossom wearing a cap and hoodie and smiling at the camera with blue sky behind them

Zed Omri

Student Live Lounge Co-ordinator

Hi, I’m Zed (they/ he), a third year Graphic Design student. I'm a big fan of arts and music, especially anything to do with the bass guitar, my instrument of choice. There's nothing I love more than seeing a creative community come together and that's why I'm so excited to help organise this year's Live Lounge events again and showcase Loughborough's musical talent. When I'm not playing guitar or blasting music in my headphones, you're most likely to see me creating illustrations.

An image of Charlotte Shearman Smith, student photographer

Charlotte Shearman Smith

Student Photographer

My name is Charlotte, 
I am an aspiring young artist and photographer about to go into my first year of Fine art after finishing Art and Design foundation at Loughborough. 
My interests in photography have evolved from simply taking photos on holiday as a pastime to developing advanced skills and knowledge in studying photography at A-level. 
My enthusiasm for photography has inspired much of my artwork and influenced many of my pieces through A-level and the foundation course within fine art. I am looking forward to developing my skills even more through this opportunity and beginning my first role as a professional photographer for the Loughborough arts.
Anna a young female student with mid length blonde hair smiling at the camera

Anna Shipman

''Hey, I’m Anna! I am currently an MA student studying Creative Writing. I spent the three years of my undergraduate using creative writing to boost my self-confidence and I want to help others do the same. I can’t wait to organise the Speech Bubble events this year showcasing Loughborough’s spoken word talent and making sure the events are exciting and inviting evenings for everyone. 

I’m super excited to work with LU Arts and show just how creative Loughborough University’s campus is.’'

Holly Sykes standing smiling with their arms out in front of a green fence

Holly Sykes


Hello, I’m Holly, currently undertaking a fine art degree at Loughborough University. I don’t spend much time without textiles as my free time is spent crocheting whenever I have the chance, while listening to my favourite tunes of course.
My love for creativity evolved during my A level in textiles, where my practical and contextual knowledge expanded. Visiting exhibitions as well as setting up my own has inspired me to delve deeper into presenting projects. As a student technician, I am excited to expand my knowledge and bring people together.