Alumnus writes 65 illustrated stories for primary school aged children

Tony Bayliss (Physical Education, 1969) has published Daddy Stories for Freddie, a book of short stories dedicated to his son.

The book was written by Tony between 2021 and 2022 when his son, Freddie was four years old. Tony was prompted to author the book when he and Freddie were unable to meet in person for a long time. As a result, Tony started writing stories to read to Freddie in their online meetings.  

Daddy Stories for Freddie consists of around 750 pages of children's stories that share moral tales. They include protecting the environment and gender-stereotypes applied to simplified situations, all presented in age-appropriate scenarios. All of Tony’s stories are written in rhyming couplets and in a language accessible to young children.  

The stories include a range of illustrated characters including animals, mythical creatures, and wildlife.  

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