Alumna cycles to raise money for cancer

Jane Giffould (née Giffin), who graduated with a degree in Humanities Technology in 1971, has been fundraising for cancer charities since 2021 by cycling 1,000 miles in 100 days on an annual basis.

In previous years Jane has aimed to raise £1,000 for her charities of choice and exceeded her goal in her first year of fundraising. To complete her 1,000-mile cycle, the alumna cycles down local lanes and she tracks her mileage weekly, updating supporters on her progress. 

Jane maintains the same targets each year, aiming for the equivalent of £1 per mile over the course of 100 days.  

This year Jane is fundraising for the charity Hope for Tomorrow who provide mobile cancer care to help patients fit treatment into their lives by bringing chemotherapy units closer to the patient’s homes. 

The alumna’s drive for fundraising comes from her own experience with cancer. Benefiting from the charity’s services encouraged Jane to support Hope for Tomorrow and try to stimulate more research into cancer treatment. 

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