YouTuber alumnus is first to reach one million subscribers within construction

Fred Mills

Fred Mills has become the first person in the world to reach one million subscribers with a YouTube channel based on construction and architecture.

His channel, The B1M, shares stories about the world’s most impressive building projects – from pencil-thin skyscrapers in New York, to floating concrete tunnels in Norway and close-up documentaries on iconic structures like London’s Big Ben. 

The alumnus said he created the channel because he “loves construction and wants the whole world to love it too”. His mission is to change the perception of the industry, attracting more people to work in it. The sector accounts for 13% of global GDP but is currently grappling with a severe skills shortage. 

fred mills honorary fellow 960 x 540

On reaching one million subscribers, Fred said:

‌It’s an awesome moment that doesn’t really feel real – it’s hard to fathom that many people.

The industry is about cutting-edge technology and decisions that shape all of our lives, from the homes we wake up in and the transport infrastructure we depend on, to our health services and the spaces where we educate our children.

We need more excellent people to come into this sector and help make our world a better place – that means changing the industry’s perception.

Fred previously worked for a UK main contractor before starting the channel. He now focuses on it full time and employs a team of eight to support him.

As well as surpassing a million subscribers, Fred’s content has earned the channel more than 15 million monthly viewers.

Watch The B1M videos online.