Hannah helps little hands stay clean with toddler friendly sanitiser

Hannah Saunders, Founder of Toddle, is producing vegan skincare products and hand sanitiser for adventurous little ones.

A few years ago, mother of two Hannah wanted to make sure there were skincare products available for her children that would be sensitive to their young skin. She decided to make her own and launched Toddle in January 2018 after leaving the Armed Forces.

Across a range of natural, vegan skincare products for babies and children, Toddle now offers lip balms, sun and wind balm, and child-friendly hand sanitisers.

An alternative to alcohol-based hand sanitisers; the Happy Germ Hand Gel is made from probiotics, using live cultures and natural antimicrobials to help the good bacteria thrive, and fight off bad bacteria.

New to the range is a limited edition 70% alcohol-based hand sanitiser, Hero Hands. Hannah and the team put a pause on the manufacture of some of their usual products to produce Hero Hands to support customers and NHS staff during the coronavirus pandemic. Five hundred Hero Hands pouches are being donated to the NHS, with customers nominating NHS Heroes to receive a special thank you from Toddle.

Hannah Saunders award show.

Hannah, a Loughborough Geography (2007) graduate said:

We had the infrastructure in place to make a really good hand sanitising gel, so we put a pause on some of our usual manufacturing and produced Hero Hands as a way to give back to our NHS heroes.

We can’t wait to send out thank you parcels to our NHS Heroes, we know it’s only a hand gel but hopefully showing we’re thinking of them will put a smile on their faces (whilst protecting them too)!