Loughborough Sporting Club

Sport at Loughborough has been a constant since Herbert Schofield founded Loughborough College in 1909 and now, as the UK’s largest single-site University campus, Loughborough has an international sporting reputation for excellence.

Many of our graduates actively participated in sport at amateur, professional and club-level while studying at Loughborough and some have gone on to international success.

Loughborough Sporting Club aims to help graduates maintain a connection to their sport or club and to actively engage alumni and friends of the University with Loughborough Sport.

Loughborough Sporting Club is about keeping alumni and friends of the University and engaged with sport at Loughborough.

Through regular updates and a series of events and activities, our goal is to encourage participation, friendships and support for Loughborough Sport.

Members of Loughborough Sporting Club will be kept up to date with activities and opportunities via a quarterly e-newsletter, will be invited to events throughout the year and get exclusive offers from our partners.  

Using our links with the many sporting bodies here on campus we are aiming to give our members opportunities to take part in special sporting experiences which will be included in our newsletters.

A message from Lord Sebastian Coe

Chancellor of Loughborough University and Hall of Fame member

“The sporting achievements of Loughborough students, coaches and academics have been astonishing over the past sixty years. It is this success and tradition that ensures that Loughborough is known throughout the world as a centre of sporting excellence.

"The Sporting Club is a unique concept designed to keep Loughborough alumni in contact with each other. It provides a great platform for members to reacquaint themselves with former team mates, friends and coaches.”

Hall of Fame

Five of the 2022 Hall of Fame inductees: Phil Burgess, Emma Mitchell, Goldie Sayers, Penny Briscoe and Jack Buckner all standing together in front of a purple background
Phil Burgess, Emma Mitchell, Goldie Sayers, Penny Briscoe OBE and Jack Buckner

The Hall of Fame was launched as part of the Loughborough Sporting Club in 2011. The Hall of Fame seeks to recognise and celebrate the fantastic achievements of Loughborough affiliated performers and coaches.

Many Loughborough Alumni have reached senior international level within their sport. Olympic Medallists, World Champions, top sports coaches, leaders and practitioners are recognised within the Hall of Fame for their achievements.