Exam Support

Computer labs and software

If you need computer facilities, there are a number of PC labs across campus which are open to everyone.

Have a look online to find your nearest ones. The IT Services website provides real-time information on whether there are computers currently available. Your School will also have computers that you will be able to use – go to School Computer Labs for a list.

If you need to use specialist software for your course, the IT Services website has an alphabetical list of what’s available and where.

IT Services make a wide range of software available for you to download free of charge, including the latest version of Microsoft Office. Other specialist packages are available at discounted prices. For a full list of everything available and details of how to download it go to the IT Services website.

Backing up your documents

OneDrive allows you to store, sync and share all kinds of files with other people and devices on the web. In the PC labs you can access your OneDrive for Business by using the web browser or the internet shortcut provided on the desktop. Visit File Storage and Sharing for more information.

Print from your own device

Print faster by connecting your device to the network of campus printers. See these printing instructions for more information. 

IT Help & support

Contact the IT Services Service Desk or visit the PC Clinic in the Library if you have problems with your laptop or desktop.