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Advanced Training in the Social Sciences:

Two-Day Workshops

Loughborough University is offering advanced training in the social sciences in five areas, delivered through a series of two-day workshops.

Five free places are available to external students on each course supported through ESRC-funded bursaries, covering the cost of travel, subsistence, overnight stay and course fees.

Aimed at doctoral students and early career researchers seeking to develop their methodological expertise, these courses offer innovative and truly advanced content taught by world-leading academics in the respective methods and fields.

The five courses are:

1. Researching with Children and Young People in Diverse Socio-spatial Contexts

Course date: 24th-25th September 2015

The course will consider the methodological and ethical issues of researching with hard-to-reach groups, such as those with disabilities, and also relationally with young people in their families in international contexts. Day two will focus upon the practical application of innovative methodological techniques in researching with young people.

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2. Methodological Implications of Critical Realism: Ontology, Method, and Impact in Sport, Management and Economic Analysis

Next course: 26th-27th January 2017

The course will begin by explaining the theoretical foundations of critical realism as a way of understanding social inquiry and the implications of this for research design. It moves on to discuss the method of retroduction and develop practical ability, through the use of tasks, to design research. The focus of the second day will be on practical applications of critical realist compatible methods in the field of economics, management and sports policy.

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3. Methodological Advances in Applied Ethnography

Next course: 1st - 2nd June 2016

The course will begin by concentrating on the application of ethnographic research in a range of settings and interdisciplinary contexts, moving on to innovations in ethnography and a practical session on adapting ethnography for specific challenges. Day two will include exploration of a number of methodological advances in contemporary ethnographic research, achieving impact through ethnographic research, plus a practical session on communicating ethnography to diverse audiences.

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4. Advanced Media Content Analysis: Computer Assisted Gathering and Analysis of Texts in Digital Environments

Next course: 20-21 June 2017

The course will begin by looking at gathering data using online resources and will analyse the challenges of conducting content analysis in a digital environment. It will demonstrate the use of data collection open source Web crawler software such as httrack, and optimizing search content engines using Google and Nexis. There will be practical tasks to allow students to apply these techniques. Day two will focus on analysing large sets of data using automated content analysis software, including examining the strengths and weaknesses of applying this method to large datasets via analysis of case studies.

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5. Applied Conversation Analysis

Next course: 2nd and 3rd February 2017

This course offers advanced methodological training and shows how the latest developments in Conversation Analysis have led to advances in applied research in medical, legal, welfare and other settings. Attendance will help to develop skills in identifying where and how to focus research efforts, and how to design and conduct a research project so as to ensure that it has impact. Loughborough University has the greatest concentration of leading Conversation Analysis researchers in the UK, including some of the leading international scholars in the field of applied Conversation Analysis.

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