Matt McCullock

Matt McCullock

  • Senior University Teacher in History and Politics
  • Academic Integrity Lead for the School of Social Sciences and Humanities
  • Internal Examiner (LAN 011/012)

After studying Politics at Northampton and Conflict Studies and Dispute Resolution at Derby, Matt started his PhD at Loughborough in 2002. Entitled “A Discourse on Althusius: An Investigation into Sui Generic Constitutionalism”, his thesis explored the relevance and application of the federal associational theory of Johannes Althusius (1567-1638) to contemporary sui generic associations, such as the European Union, and explored the constitutional precedence set by Titoist Yugoslavia in applying Althusius’ central ideas in their 1974 constitution.

Influenced by his Part C module on Post War Britain, Matt's research focus is threefold: the politics of nostalgia and remembering, especially how nostalgia affects individuals or groups; the politics of decline, especially in the UK’s industrial sectors; and the role of popular culture in teaching and understanding Post-War Britain.

Matt is currently the responsible examiner for:

  • EUA001 Smart Scholarship
  • EUA607 Understanding Democratic Institutions
  • EUB630 British Politics
  • EUC665 Postwar Britain.

In addition, he also teaches on Research Design at Part B and the Dissertation at Part C.

Book chapters

  • McCullock, Matt Polyvalent federalism: Johannes Althusius to Edvard Kardelj and Titoism in Ward, Lee and Ward Ann (eds) ‘Ashgate Research Companion to Federalism’, Aldeshot: Ashgate 2009 pp. 331-350
  • McCullock, Matt and Susnji?, Silvia The Failure of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (1945-1991): A Story of Contradictions, Weaknesses and Tensions in Kavalski, Emilian and Zolkos, Magdalena (eds) ‘Defunct Federalisms. Critical Perspectives on Federal Failure’, Aldershot: Ashgate 2008 pp.115-129
  • McCullock, Matt and Kavalski, Emilian, Back to Althusius: Pre-Westphalian Suggestions for a Post-Westphalian World, in K.R.Gupta (ed) ‘Studies in World Affairs’, Atlantic Publishers 2006 pp.123-48

Articles in academic journals

  • McCullock, Matt, Was Fichte a Remonstrant?, European Legacy, 16(2), 2011, pp.189-204
  • McCullock, Matt, Johannes Althusius’ Politica: The Culmination of Calvin’s Right of Resistance, European Legacy, 11(5), 2006, pp.485-499