Frances Howe

  • Postgraduate Researcher

Frances draws on education at the University of Sussex having achieved a BA in History in 2001 and the University of the West of England having achieved a MA Graphic Arts in 2016.


Frances draws on this and other experience to advance research into eco anarchistic movements in the UK, which have played a significant role in the evolution of wider ecological movements, and helped create the conditions for the current wider recognition of the climate and biodiversity crises (for example through anti-roads protests, climate camps and other actions against the root causes of climate change, and resistance to genetic engineering). Much of the culture of resistance that this movement creates and evolves in happens through temporary spaces and ephemeral or rarely archived forms of cultural production, and relies heavily on informal networks to transmit knowledge. Drawing on DIY archives and oral histories, this project intends to explore people’s memories of taking part in eco anarchist praxis and spaces, and how these memories help create possibilities for the future. 

The project is guided by the provisional title: Memories, archives and oral histories in eco anarchist resistance