Dr Paul Maddrell discusses Russian siege of the Ukrainian city of Mariupol

Only Monday 21 March Dr Paul Maddrell, Lecturer in International History and International Relations at Loughborough University, appeared on TRT World's "The Newsmakers" programme to discuss the Russian siege of the Ukrainian city of Mariupol.

The main focus of the discussion was on the length of time Mariupol could sustain the Russain onslaught. Putting the Ukrainian view of the siege was Professor Olexiy Haran, a Professor Comparative Politics at Kyiv Mohyla University. Putting the Russian view was Professor Sergei Markov, a Professor of Political Science at Moscow State Institute of International Relations and a former member of the Russian parliament, the State Duma. Dr Paul Maddrell provided an impartial view. Based in Istanbul, TRT World is a publicly-owned Turkish international news channel.

Click below to view the full interview.