New blog post explores the history of Sara Baartman

In a recent blog post, History graduate Keisha Vinda offers insight into her undergraduate research around identity in historical contexts, focusing on the life of Sara Baartman.

The post was published under the series, ‘Students as Researchers’, which highlights innovative undergraduate research in International Relations, Politics, and History. 


Keisha’s research into the life of Sara Baartman was carried out for the completion of her undergraduate dissertation, as a part of her History BA at Loughborough. Keisha has recently graduated and is currently in the process of training as a history teacher.

"This dissertation topic is based on someone from the past but with so many parallels to our present. I wrote this dissertation with the hope that it will encourage others to speak up for black women throughout history, and let their stories be heard."

To read the full blog post and find out more, please follow this link