Politics and International Relations Student Awarded LU Arts Scholarship

Oliver Strickland is completing a BSc in Politics and International Relations and has received the scholarship on account of his talent as a singer-songwriter and contemporary solo artist.

These scholarships are awarded to up to nine students every year, offered to students who demonstrate ability, passion and commitment to music, performing arts, creative writing and spoken word, or film and media.

Each scholarship winner will receive a £200 cash prize, as well as a tailored package of tuition or mentoring to develop their skills and knowledge further and opportunities to showcase their talents with performances at University events.

Oliver is a contemporary guitarist, singer, piano player, and currently Chairs LSU’s renowned Tuxedo Swing Jazz Band. 

Music has been at the forefront of Oliver’s life since he was 7 years old, studying both vocals and guitar to grade 8 whilst also being equipped with percussion, piano, and songwriting skills . Having studied music at GCSE and A-Level, Oliver developed a keen interest in the history of music, with a particular focus of the cultural significance of Blues and Jazz. 

One of his most prominent interests, however, is sharing his love of music with others. Oliver has been performing, organising concerts, and enabling other performers for nearly 10 years.  Since joining Loughborough University, Oliver has performed in the annual ‘Free Fest’, performed at several Awards Ceremonies and most significantly, has become a key member of LSU’s Tuxedo Swing. Here Oliver was given a chance to further develop his love of Jazz and has participated in the band in numerous roles such as a singer, guitarist, bassist, pianist and drummer.

As a scholar, Olivier is excited to explore ways in which Loughborough’s music outreach can be adapted to suit the current circumstances to get as much of the community involved as possible.

Ollie is organising/hosting our Acoustic Night event on 23 November.

We are also proud to announce that two other students from the School of Social Sciences and Humanities have been awarded this scholarship.

Steyn Hoogakker is completing a PhD in Human Geography and has received the scholarship on account of his Documentary Photography.

Natasha (Tasha) Kitcher
is completing a PhD in Media and has received the scholarship on account of her Playwriting.

To find out more about LU Arts Scholarships, please follow this link.