Our performance programmes are led by expert coaching staff who are constantly striving to improve both individual and team performance, and supported by a wide range of skilled support services. Each sport is looking to succeed in BUCS, national and international competition, and also aid each athlete in their own sporting development.

Our performance support team provide specialist support from a range of scientific disciplines to develop performance of our top athletes and teams here at Loughborough University. Our aligned, multidisciplinary approach to athletic performance has helped to create an unrivalled sporting legacy.

Our experience in supporting student-athletes is also second to none and we know how hard it can be to excel in your sport and study. That is why we have developed a unique system for academic support of students with exceptional sporting talent.

The academic flexibility we can offer will help you balance the demands of competing at the highest levels whilst studying. We also offer sport scholarships to help meet some of the costs of training and competition.

The life of a student athlete

What’s included?

Our Performance Support Team has a vast shared experience of working with athletes at the very highest level. Our practitioners from multiple scientific disciplines operate closely with our expert coaching team to deliver an integrated and detailed support to the athlete to aid performance. Alongside this our Performance Lifestyle mentors support the development of our student athletes on a personal and academic level.


We are always looking for the very best athletes to be part of our teams at Loughborough. In support of this, we run various scholarships for key sports and for athletes who show outstanding potential.

Some of the highlights from Loughborough University associated athletes at the 2018 Commonwealth Games.