Mickella Dawkins

Research Student

Mickella Dawkins working in a lab

My research area is sustainable catalysis.

Catalysts are used to produce many of the things we consume in our daily lives, items like bread and toilet paper. Many reactions rely on catalysts that are ‘precious’, rare and could be an environmental contaminant if not disposed of properly. Therefore, reduction of the use of these catalysts is vital.

However, development of more sustainable catalysts will not be possible without research. Research is needed to understand the chemistry behind the reactions of the catalyst before they can be used in industry.

Post 16 Education: A Levels Maths, Chemistry, Physics

Higher Education: MSc Chemistry

Why did you choose to research catalysis?

I have three, beautiful children, I think about the world that they will inherit, and I am deeply concerned for them. I would like my next job/career to be one that enables me to work towards making the world better (even in a small way).

I believe my research subject has placed me on the right path to do just that.

Mickella’s experience as a student

Expansive I experiencedlife in a new city in a much different part of the world from where I grew up. I learned so much, not just chemistry, from the many amazing (and occasionally not so amazing) people I met.

The nights out weren’t too bad either.

Mickella's advice

Be kind to yourself and to others treat people the way you’d like to be treated.

Loughborough University offers undergraduate degrees (BSc and MChem) in:

Chemistry, Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Natural Sciences, Chemistry and Computing.