Why it matters

The Why It Matters resources are designed to help students to understand where studying different subjects (both post 16 and post 18) might lead.

These resources have been developed with support from both graduates and researchers to explain why they believe that their subject matters. We hope that the resources can help support students to build links between their academic subjects, degree options and potential careers.

The resources

  • A range of resources exploring why a degree subject matters to some of our graduates and researchers.
  • A Personal Statement session and teaching resources. Supporting Gatsby Benchmarks 1, 3, 4 and 7
  • A Transferable Skills session and teaching resources. Supporting Gatsby Benchmarks 1 and 3 (and can contribute towards 8 if accompanied by some personal guidance support).
  • Research links and videos to be used in Level 3 academic lessons.

Accessing the resources

The resources are free to use for all and new cards are added regularly. To access the cards please follow the link below.

  • Individual resources can be downloaded directly from the links.
  • Full sets of cards can be emailed directly to you. 
  • The cards are intended to be used by all, please print them to suit your needs or contact us if you need a specific format.

We would really welcome feedback, as you will see many graduates and academics have contributed to this project and they have been generous and thoughtful as they have shared their experiences. We would be very grateful for comments so we can share the feedback with them and adjust the work if changes are needed.

Contact Sarah for further information.