Presentations and workshops

The team can deliver a range of sessions to groups in school/college. This might be to class groups, the whole year group in assembly, or to parents and guardians during a careers event. Talks will be adapted to suit the audiences.

The team can also deliver the sessions online or send you a recorded talk to be used on demand.

Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Introduction to HE

Higher Education can seem like a daunting prospect, especially to those students who might be the first in their family to go to University. The terminology used alone can be intimidating and may alienate some students from fully engaging with the opportunity.

As advisors our role is to breakdown perceived barriers, increase understanding, dispel popular myths and highlight all of the benefits. We have found that many students find it beneficial to gain insight as to how learning within a university environment differs to what they are used to within school/college. Understanding the degree structures and programmes, being made aware that they can select their own modules and/or areas of research and that work is predominately driven by them is a good place to start.

Researching courses and universities

When it comes to Higher Education the range of courses and institutions to choose from is vast. This session aims to give students some ideas about where to find the information they need to make informed decisions that work for them.

Making the most of Open Days and HE Fairs

This short talk helps students think about how to get the most out of an Open Day or an HE fair.

Student Finance

We recognise that fees and funding can be a complex topic for students and their families. That’s why we continuously work with students to ensure that finance is not seen as a barrier or obstacle to accessing Higher Education and that they understand what support is available to them.

This session is aimed at giving Post 16 students the most up to date information and helping them understand the system so that they can apply for funding if they choose to.

UCAS applications

Making an informed and strong application through UCAS is a lengthy process, lasting approximately 18 months from initial research to enrolling on a degree programme. This session takes the students on a tour through the process so they understand what will happen at each step and can see where they need to take action.

Personal Statements

The personal statement is an integral element of the UCAS application form and inevitably the section that can prove to be the most challenging.

This session emphasises the importance of the Statements and aims to help students get started.

University interviews

For some students their application to UCAS includes an additional stage – an interview. This is likely to apply to students who are applying for either:

  • Courses that lead to a profession – to ensure the candidate has a thorough understanding of the career and the necessary skill set required to be successful at it;
  • Courses of institutions that are in high demand – as an additional method of narrowing down strong applications;
  • Courses that require a bespoke skill, for example, subjects that fall within art and design or performing arts.

If a student has submitted an application with a strong portfolio of qualifications, personal statement and a reference then they will be invited to interview. The interview should act as an extension of the UCAS application form and be used to highlight additional information that either couldn’t be included initially or was only mentioned briefly due to space restrictions with the personal statement. This short talk outlines the process and aims to prepare students for uni interviews.

Preparing for results day

This short talk aims to help students prepare for results day and so that they understand what to expect.

Why Loughborough?

Hear from one of our team and sometimes current students about why Loughborough is special and why we believe it offers such a great student experience.

Student life

A session exploring student life including elements focusing on budgeting, independent living, studying, social life and employability.