Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship offers a number of exciting postgraduate programmes which have been created to help you transform an idea into a success story, and convert a passion into a career.

Why choose to study innovation and entrepreneurship with us?

Our degrees have been designed with you in mind

The Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship is committed to delivering challenging, career enhancing programmes that look to offer real value to individuals and organisations across the globe.

Want to undertake a research degree? You can do that too

The Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship works collaboratively with organisations from a number of industries and sectors. As well as providing access to primary data from a broad range of sources, these collaborations help to shape the research focus of the Institute and ensure research is delivering impact for industry and society.

The Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship is focused on understanding innovation and entrepreneurship in a variety of contexts. Current research explores how innovation may be harnessed to start, grow, and sustain organisations, and how entrepreneurial behaviour can address social problems in today’s rapidly evolving world.

London is an inspiring city, especially for students

London is one of the top cities in the world for business, finance and trade, and is a unique learning environment for students from the Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship to exploit.

There is a creative and entrepreneurial culture on campus, which has enabled students at Loughborough University London to achieve great things, like forge new business plans, grow niche new start-ups and share innovative solutions to business problems.

We'll help you to develop essential skills

The Institute combines expert teaching and research support alongside an exciting series of masterclasses and public lectures from international business leaders across the world. Each programme encourages students to develop the knowledge and competences necessary to establish, grow and manage entrepreneurial ventures, as well as recognise and exploit opportunities within established organisations.

A key feature of many of our postgraduate programmes is the Collaborative Project module. This module brings together postgraduate students from a wide range of disciplines to work together to address a real-life business or social problem. This exciting module provides you with the opportunity to work with an real business or organisation and gain real industry experience.

Whether you are a launching or supporting a new business, concept or idea, the Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship will ensure that you are ready to succeed in today’s marketplace.

We're passionate about research - and it shows!

The Institute is fully committed to delivering research-led teaching and employs leading academics in the fields of entrepreneurship and innovation to fulfil this goal. An annual international conference held on campus explores cutting-edge research in entrepreneurship and innovation, and underscores the importance of research to the Institute and the University as a whole.

Research plays a key role in business success, particularly when investigating how an enterprise can become more successful. As a PhD student with the Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, you will have the opportunity to work with top researchers and industry leaders, and gain first-hand experience of real-life problem solving.

You will be actively encouraged to engage with research communities across the globe and will become part of a talented research community across Loughborough University’s two campuses. Academics from the Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship are actively involved in business ventures and expansions across a variety of industry sectors. Each academic is linked with a range of innovative organisations who work in partnership with the Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship on a variety of research projects.

Current research themes range from exploring digital innovation and online entrepreneurial activity to exploring the link between social science and enterprise through gender intersectionality and entrepreneurship. The Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship also shares a passion for research into areas of business development, including finance and investment and the adoption of technological innovation by small firms.

There are lots of extra-curricular activities for you to get involved with

Students and staff enjoy working together as part of extracurricular, entrepreneurial teams and attend various conferences, competitions and hack events throughout the year.