This activity encourages students to utilise LUDUS’ blog and vlog content to learn more about different aspects of university life and to challenge popular misconceptions. Working in small groups, or alone, students will undertake tasks that support the development of research, communication and presentation skills.

Activity Overview

This comprehension exercise is based on content created by your students’ peers to give a realistic and authentic viewpoint on key topics related to university. Using our extensive selection of blog/vlogs, students will be invited to research areas of interest or concern that they are keen to develop a greater understanding of.

They will be tasked with reviewing information provided to them, discussing it as a small group and then sharing a short presentation of their findings with their classmates. The activity format allows students to enhance their knowledge of Higher Education and by accurately relaying key facts in their own words ensures a thorough understanding has been achieved.

Click here for the LUDUS blogs and vlogs

Activity Benefits

  • Explore actively encourages students to explore aspects of university life and learning that are of particular interest to them. It allows them to challenge barriers that they perceive may prevent them from accessing Higher Education
  • By utilising peer created content Explore offers an alternative introduction to university
  • The diversity of the Ludus blogging team allows students to relate to peers who share similar journeys or traits as themselves. This further reinforces the diversity and inclusivity offered by higher education
  • The activity format encourages the development of several key skills including communication, research and presentation
  • The group presentation task ensures that students have accurately comprehended the information they have accessed

Gatsby Benchmarks

This activity has been verified by the Careers and Enterprise Company as meeting Gatsby Benchmarks (3) Addressing the needs of every pupil (4) Linking curriculum learning to careers and (7) Encounters with Further and Higher Education