This interactive activity has been designed for your students to learn more about the diverse range of opportunities at university based on their own personal interests, with an added focus on transferable skills development. Students should be encouraged to repeat the exercise numerous times, enabling them to explore the varied pathways available.

Activity Overview

By taking part in our Build a Student activity students will learn more about what they might enjoy whilst at university. They do this by clicking in the activity link below and which will take them through a series of questions, helping them to reflect and understand more about themselves and their personal interests. The interactive web activity is made to go alongside an activity worksheet that has been developed to not only allow the student to write down their results, but also to encourage them to start researching different areas within Higher Education.

On answering the questions, students will be directed through possible opportunities they might want to consider when thinking about university and will also help them to distinguish different careers and courses based on their own current academic interests.

Activity Benefits

  • The overall activity gives students the opportunity to learn about different academic courses, careers and extra-curricular activities available to them at university. 
  • The activity introduces students to a variety of university course options that move away from conventional school subjects. For example, a student who enjoys Maths would be given the option to explore courses such as Computer Science and Engineering. They will also be given a set of careers that those courses might lead them into.
  • Students are given information on different extra-curricular activities available at university as well as suggestions of skills that they can develop through those activities.
  • The personal attributes section helps to determine students’ potential strengths and weaknesses and how these fit into a team working environment.
  • Raising aspirations and awareness of Higher Education and career opportunities.

Gatsby Benchmarks

This resource has been verified by the Careers and Enterprise Company as meeting Gatsby Benchmarks (1) A stable careers programme (3) Addressing the needs of every pupil and (7) Encounters with Further and Higher Education