The Why it Matters resources are designed to help students understand where studying different subjects (both post 16 and post 18) might lead. Why does their subject matter?

Activity Overview

These resources have been developed with support from graduates and researchers to explain why their subject matters to them, to their career and to society. 

Year 12 students can use the resources to look at their subject beyond the curriculum and to help them to evidence their interest in their chosen subject for their Personal Statement.

Activity Benefits

  • The resources are designed to help students build valuable links between their post-16 academic subjects, degree subjects and potential careers. Helping to inform their future course choices and potential career paths. 
  • There are a wide range of varied careers showcased that link to a variety of subject and course choices, enabling students to explore widely where different courses could lead to in a variety of sectors. 
  • These resources can support students to develop statements about their subject interest for use in their UCAS Personal Statement.  To assist with this there is a guided lesson plan available and associated worksheets, which can be dowloaded from the Why it Matters web pages. 
  • In addition, there is a Skills CV activity which can be accessed on the Why it Matters webpages, with lesson plan and worksheets to support students in developing statements to evidence their transferable skills.

Gatsby Benchmarks

These resources have been verified by the Careers and Enterprise Company as meeting Gatsby Benchmarks (1) A stable careers programme (3) Addressing the needs of every pupil (4) Linking curriculum learning to careers and (7) Encounters with Further and Higher Education