Advanced Technology Approval Scheme (ATAS) for Researchers

Who needs to apply for an ATAS certificate?

You do not need an ATAS certificate if:

  • You are a UK national, a national from an exempted country or you hold Indefinite Leave to Enter/Remain in the UK.

You do need an ATAS certificate if:

You have an offer to study for a PhD, MPhil, or EngD at this University (or undertaking a period of research as part of an overseas postgraduate qualification) in one of the following subject areas:

Subjects allied to Medicine:
  • JACS code B2: CAH 3 code CAH 02-02-01 – Pharmacology, Toxicology and Pharmacy
  • JACS code B9: CAH 3 code CAH 02-03-12 – Others in Subjects allied to Medicine
Biological Sciences:
  • JACS code C1: CAH 3 code CAH 03-01-02 – Biology 
  • JACS code C2: CAH 3 code CAH 03-01-05 – Botany 
  • JACS code C4: CAH 3 code CAH 03-01-07 – Genetics 
  • JACS code C5: CAH 3 code CAH 03-01-04 – Microbiology 
  • JACS code C7: CAH 3 code CAH 03-01-08 – Molecular Biology, Biophysics and Biochemistry
  • JACS code C9: CAH 3 code CAH 03-01-10 – Others in Biological Sciences
Veterinary Sciences, Agriculture and related subjects:
  • JACS code D9: CAH 3 code CAH 05-01-02 – Others in Veterinary Sciences, Agriculture and related subjects
Physical Sciences:
  • JACS code F1: CAH 3 code CAH 07-02-01 – Chemistry 
  • JACS code F2: CAH 3 code CAH 07-03-03 – Materials Science 
  • JACS code F3: CAH 3 code CAH 07-01-01 – Physics 
  • JACS code F5: CAH 3 code CAH 07-01-02 – Astronomy 
  • JACS code F9: CAH 3 code CAH 07-03-01 – Others in Physical Sciences
Mathematical and Computer Sciences
  • JACS code G1: CAH 3 code CAH 09-01-01 – Mathematics 
  • JACS code G2: CAH 3 code CAH 09-01-02 – Operational Research 
  • JACS code G9: CAH 3 code CAH 09-01-01 – Others in Mathematical and Computing Sciences
  • JACS code H1: CAH 3 code CAH 10-01-01 – General Engineering 
  • JACS code H2: CAH 3 code CAH 10-01-07 – Civil Engineering 
  • JACS code H3: CAH 3 code CAH 10-01-02 – Mechanical Engineering 
  • JACS code H4: CAH 3 code CAH 10-01-04 – Aerospace Engineering 
  • JACS code H5: CAH 3 code CAH 10-01-05 – Naval Architecture 
  • JACS code H6: CAH 3 code CAH 10-01-08 – Electronic and Electrical Engineering 
  • JACS code H8: CAH 3 code CAH 10-01-09 – Chemical, Process and Energy Engineering 
Computer Sciences
  • JACS code I1: CAH 3 code CAH 11-01-01 – Computer Science
  • JACS code I4: CAH 3 code CAH 11-01-05 – Artificial Intelligence
  • JACS code J2: CAH 3 code CAH 10-02-02 – Metallurgy 
  • JACS code J4: CAH 3 code CAH 10-02-03 – Polymers and Textiles 
  • JACS code J5: CAH 3 code CAH 10-02-02 – Materials Technology not otherwise specified 
  • JACS code J7: CAH 3 code CAH 10-02-05 – Industrial Biotechnology


  • you require a student Visa, Entry Clearance or Extension of Stay to study in the UK
Note: If you are already in the UK as a student (or in one of the limited number of other immigration categories which permit switching into the student route) and you would like to extend your stay in the UK as a student, then you will also need to obtain an ATAS certificate if you meet the criteria above. You must do this before applying for an extension of stay.

How to Apply

You can submit an application once you have received the official Loughborough University offer letter, as the information needed to apply is in your letter.

Please contact the Doctoral College Office if you have any further questions.