Duty, Assessment and Inclusion

Coming to university may be the first time you have had the personal space to reflect on past experiences or feel safe enough to report violence or abuse. Sometimes incidents can happen whilst you are at university, and it is important to know that the University can offer you trauma informed advice and support.

If you have been subjected to recent or historical sexual or domestic violence; are at risk of honour-based violence; subject to harassment, bullying or hate crime, including racism and discrimination relating to LGBTQ+; we will listen, discuss options available to you and provide support.

Students should be assured that if you disclose to a Student Services Adviser that you have broken government guidelines relating to COVID-19, this is regarded by the University as a confidential issue that will be treated with sensitivity.

How the Duty, Assessment and Inclusion team can support you

Our Duty, Assessment and Inclusion team provide short-term support. We will listen, offer advice and support to you regardless of when an incident has occurred. With you we will formulate a support plan.

If you choose to, we will support you through the disciplinary process alongside our Security team.

Where appropriate, the team will liaise with external agencies and can help support you to transition to various teams within the University who can help to offer you long-term support.

Online Incident Reporting Portal

The University has an Online Incident Reporting Portal which enables you to report incidents of: domestic violence (including honour based), bullying and harassment, stalking, hate incidents (including racism, homophobia etc), safeguarding, sexual violence, mental health and wellbeing (including self-harm and suicide attempts), substance misuse and any other welfare concerns.

This tool provides you with the opportunity to receive further support from Student Services following an incident, or alternatively you can opt to make us aware that something has happened.

You can submit a report any time after an incident has occurred. It does not matter if an incident has occurred 1 week, 1 month or a year or more ago, you can still make a report using this portal.

Any incident submitted through this tool will be treated seriously. Even if you do not think a report is serious, we would still encourage you to report it as it can still have an impact on your wellbeing. Furthermore, reporting issues that do not seem serious can help the University to identify wider issues and concerns occurring on the campus.

To see additional information or to make a report using University's Online Incident Reporting Portal click here.

External Partners

The University is proud to work with several external partners to enhance the work of student services, more information is available here.


Student services will keep your information confidential - please see our privacy statement for more detail. However, there are some occasions when we would need to share information with other services. For example, if you are in immediate danger, you pose a risk to others or there is a safeguarding concern.