Reporting to Security

Security deals with any crime on campus such as bike theft, vandalism, and room break-ins.

The team at Security maybe able to retrieve your items that have been taken as well as help you if you wish to take your matter further to the Police.

How can the University Support you?

The university offers ways to insure and register your valuables to make things easier to recover if they are stolen.

The University offers an insurance policy when in halls of residence to cover the items in your room as well as your bike. This insures anything that is locked in your room as well as bikes that are within dedicated bike storages as well as secured to any immovable object round campus.

What to do next?

Reporting to Security

If you wish to report something to Security you can do so by calling them in the Security control room near the front gate, main entrance to campus on 01509 222141.

Emergency Services

If it is an emergency you can either call emergency services on 999

Alternatively, you can call the campus emergency number on 0800 526966.

What should I do if I am worried about somebody else?

See our webpage linked below on ‘How to support an individual effectively’ for details on how to support someone.

Last Updated: 19th September 2022