Support Available in Urgent Situations

If there is an urgent situation which has occurred, and you require the assistance of emergency services, you can find the best way to do so when on campus.

By following these steps you are ensuring that the person in need gets the help as quickly as possible.

What to do next?

Call 999

First of all call the emergency services on 999 and alert them of the situation and they will send a vehicle.

If in Halls

If in university halls when the incident occurs you should call the sub warden duty number, and they will arrive as soon as possible.

Call Campus Security

Lastly, you need to inform security of what has happened as they will be involved in getting the emergency services onto campus. Their number is 01509 222141 or can be found on the back of any university card.

They will be able to direct the emergency services to the right hall.

How can the University Support you?

All wardens are first aid trained so for incidents on campus they will be best prepared to deal with things.

Security will lead the emergency services to your location so make sure to tell them what block/flat/room/building you are in.

Last Updated: 19th September 2022