Student handbook

Undergraduate and Postgraduate Taught programmes

Stretched Degrees - Sport

The University allows students, in some circumstances (usually high level sporting commitments or health problems), to 'stretch' their programme. Stretching a programme means studying a full year’s credit over two years to ease the workload on an individual student.

Students performing at elite level in their sport may seek approval to reschedule their academic programmes (normally taken on a full-time basis over a longer period of time) in order to help them manage the balance of their sporting and academic commitments and realise their full potential in both areas. This will normally mean ‘stretching’ an undergraduate degree programme over one or two extra years.

Note: Please be aware that a student's relevant Student Funding Body (e.g. Student Finance England) may not fund a student who stretches their degree. The University is obliged to accurately report the status of any student who studies a full time course on a part time basis.

This process will only be available to students who proactively manage their affairs and submit their requests for consideration in advance of the academic year concerned.