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Leave of absence

Note: This information applies to UG and PGT students.

A Leave of Absence is an agreed break from your studies.  A Leave of Absence must be discussed with, and agreed by, your academic School/Department.

Support Available

If you are thinking about a Leave of Absence, it may be helpful to try to identify the issues causing you to consider a break from study and seek the appropriate support/advice:

Study/Academic Issues

Talk to someone in your School/Department about your options.  In the first instance, you should probably try to make contact with either your personal tutor or School/Department Administrator.  They should discuss the following with you:

    Student Wellbeing Service

    If you are considering taking a Leave of Absence because of personal issues, it may be helpful to talk these through with someone from the Student Wellbeing Service. For more information see the Student Wellbeing Service website or email studentwellbeing@lboro.ac.uk.

    You can also book an appointment by filling out the short Student Wellbeing and Inclusion Referral form on the Student Wellbeing Service pages.

    Support for disabled students

    The Disability Service can provide advice and support if you feel you are struggling because of a long term health condition, disability or specific learning difference. They can also support you in taking a Leave of Absence and in considering what help might be put in place to ensure your return is successful. For more information, please either phone on (01509) 222770, email disability@lboro.ac.uk or go to the Disability Service website.

    Mental Health Support

    If your reasons for considering taking a break are due to high levels of emotional burden or mental health difficulties, then the University may be able to help you identify practical strategies to help you deal with them. If you ultimately decide to take time out from your course, the Mental Health Support Team can also help you with this process and consider what may need to be in place to facilitate a successful return to your studies. For more information, please see the Mental Health Support Team site

    Careers Network

    The Careers Network can talk through a range of issues with you if you are considering taking a Leave of Absence.


    Implications of taking a Leave of Absence

    If your Department/School does approve a period of Leave of Absence, then you need to be aware of the following issues:

    Impact on Academic Studies
    Financial Issues

    Tuition Fees

    Undergraduates: If you take a leave of absence, your tuition fees will be charged on a termly basis in accordance with Regulation XVI.   If you are receiving payments from a student loan, you will need to notify Student Finance England or the relevant other funding body to ensure you are not overpaid.

    Postgraduates: If you take a leave of absence, your tuition fees will be pro-rated so that you are charged on a termly basis in accordance with Regulation XVI.  If you are in receipt of a Postgraduate loan, you will need to notify Student Finance England or the relevant other funding body of your change in status so that you can borrow the correct amount in each academic year.


    Taking leave of absence may have financial implications as student loans and grants are not normally payable during suspension of studies. There are a few exceptions to this so please seek advice by making an appointment to see an advisor in the Student Advice and Support Service.  

    Council Tax

    If you take a leave of absence, you may not be eligible for Council Tax exemption.  If you remain living in Loughborough in a student household, your entitlement will not be affected.  However, if you move to a non-student household or return home to live with your parents, you are advised to seek advice from the Student Advice and Support Service.

    University Facilities

    IT Facilities

    Your IT account will remain active whilst you are on a Leave of Absence. This means you will still have access to Student Self-service, Learn, computer labs and your email account during your period of Leave of Absence.


    Students on a Leave of Absence are welcome to continue to use the University Library for reference purposes at any time, free of charge. If you wish to borrow books whilst of leave if absence, you need to collect a membership authorisation form from the Library and have it countersigned by your School. Once you have returned the form and paid the Library a £10 admin fee, you will be allowed to borrow throughout your Leave of Absence period with the same borrowing rights as students in your year.


    Halls of Residence

    If you are living in a Hall of Residence and take a Leave of Absence, you will be released from your contract as per clause 6.2 of the Licence Terms and Conditions.

    Private Accommodation

    Contracts will vary between landlords and the University is not privy to all of the agreements used.  Normally your contract will bind you for the period of the contract, usually along with other members of a group (your housemates). If you move out of the house for your leave of absence and fail to pay your share of the rent, the landlord can legally recover it from yourself and your housemates.  Usually landlords will allow a new person to move into the house to replace you.  However, the onus to find a replacement tenant will usually rest with your housemates. If you have an individual contract, the landlord should take reasonable steps to re-let the property to enable you to be released early but the onus may still be on you to find a replacement tenant. If you leave before the end of the fixed term without your landlord’s consent, you are liable to pay the rent until the term ends even if you aren’t living there. If you need further advice on this topic, please make an appointment to see an advisor at the Student Advice and Support Service.

    International Students

    International students considering taking a Leave of Absence should seek advice from the Student Advice and Support Service as it will have significant implications on your permission to remain in the UK.  As you were issued a student visa to be in the UK, the UKVI will expect you to return to your home country and re-apply for a new visa when you choose or are able to resume your studies.

    If you are required to register with the Police, then you will also need to inform them of any change of circumstances.

    See the UK Visas and Immigration website for more information.

    Applying for Leave of Absence

    If, having considered the various support options available to you, you do decide that a Leave of Absence would be the best thing for you, please contact your School/Department to progress this. Regulation IX (Paragraphs 34-38) contain more information about the timescales for taking/returning from a leave of absence.

    In order to formally apply for a Leave of Absence, you will need to complete (including School/Department signatures) and submit a Leave of Absence form to the Student Office. Please note that your request will not be processed until all the relevant staff have seen and signed the form.

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