Working with a Calculator Operator

A calculator operator will support you by inputting data on a calculator upon your instruction. An invigilator will be present in the assessment venue along with the Calculator Operator

What can I expect?

The Calculator Operator will: 

  • Have a copy of the assessment paper 
  • Input calculations exactly as you dictate them 
  • Read back the answers that are calculated 
The Calculator Operator will not: 
  • Explain or clarify any part of the assessment paper 
  • Explain abbreviations and symbols 
  • Prompt you to move onto the next question or help the student to choose which question to answer 
  • Read any of the assessment paper, unless they are working as both Reader and Calculator Operator 
  • Continue operating the calculator once the assessment has finished. 

What to do next?

Please visit the Student Self Service Portal to check your assessment support is what you are expecting. If they are not as you are expecting, you can find different ways to contact us on our accessing support page.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know what adjustments I’ve already got in place at University?

Visit your self-service page here and view the ‘disability’ tab

Will adjustments stay in place for the duration of my studies?

Yes, they will. This includes upon your return from any placement or LOA etc

I haven’t used a Prompter before, can I arrange a trial?

Yes, we would encourage you to do this by emailing 

What paperwork do you need from me to arrange assessment support?

For more information please view our SWAI Evidence Policy

I had a Calculator Operator for School assessments, will I automatically get this for my University assessments?

No, you need to register with SWAI and be reassessed.  

I think I might need a Calculator Operator for my assessments, what should I do?

Please contact us to request the adjustment you require and one of our advisers will review your request. 

You can find different ways to contact us on our accessing support page.

Last Updated: 1st December 2023.