Guidance on using a computer

If you have been allocated a computer as an adjustment you can expect the following during your examination: 

    • Access to Microsoft Word  
    • Multiple-choice exams can be taken on the computer 
    • Provision of a paper answer booklet for the option of writing any answers should you wish. Each script must be clearly labelled for each question. 
    • De-activation of internet access, calculator, thesaurus, assistive software unless by prior agreement with the Registry 
    • Ability to change the background screen colour if required: Word - Design - Page Colour - select colour (We recommend students familiarise themselves with this process before the exam if they are intending to use it). 

How to print a script?

  1. Log-in to the computer the usual way. Please note that logging out of the computer will delete the exam from the system 
  2. Regularly save the work to the Desktop 
  3. The invigilator will advise you how to print the script after the exam has finished. You can ask for your script to be printed at any time to proofread.
You must not include your ID number or name on printed work. 

What to do next?

You should check your current exam adjustments via your self-service portal here 

If they are not as you are expecting, please contact us by email ( or phoning on 01509 222765 with the stated deadlines in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

I think I might need a Calculator Operator for my exams, what should I do?

Visit your self-service page here and view the ‘disability’ tab

What paperwork do you need from me in order to arrange my exam support?

For more information please view our SWAI Evidence Policy

I had a computer for School exams, will I automatically get this for my University exams?

No, you will need to register with SWAI and be reassessed.  

I think I might need a computer for my exams, what should I do?

Please contact to request the adjustment you require. One of our advisers will review your request. 

Will adjustments stay in place for the duration of my studies?

Yes, they will. This includes upon your return from any placement or LOA etc.  

Last Updated: 24th August 2022