Extending your Visa in the UK

You might need to extend your visa in the UK for different reasons.

UKVI give an overview of the Student route including specific information on extending or switching visas in the UK; more detailed information is given in the caseworker guidance. We recommend you read the parts relevant to your circumstances and use the links in our guide which provide more detail on specific issues. UKCISA also produce good guides to the Student route and the application process. 

Below you can find more information about extending your visa. 

How can the University Support you?

It is important that you prepare things to the best of your ability in advance. 

Please complete as much of the application as you are able and stop prior to the declaration stage as this will enable us to review and make any necessary changes. If you are unsure about a question, you can provide a temporary answer to be able to proceed and see other sections of the application. Prior to completing the declaration stage any answer can be corrected or changed if needed. 

Within the application you should confirm: 

    • you are not applying to stay in the UK’s Crown dependencies 
    • you do not require an immigration adviser – we assist as your visa sponsor (select ‘no’) 

Your Student visa sponsor is Loughborough University (sponsor licence number G9M4TDXV1). The University is a ‘Higher Education Provider with a track record of compliance’. Refer to your CAS details to answer the questions about your studies 

  1. Gather your supporting documents including your CAS details. 
  2. Arrange an appointment with an adviser, booking a time for us to call you back on MS Teams will allow best access to your online application. Please let us know if your application includes dependants as extra time will be required. 
  3. At the appointment an adviser can check your CAS, draft application and documents to ensure everything is correct before you complete the declaration and pay the IHS and visa fee on-line. 

Please be aware that at times near the start of the academic year the advice service is extremely busy and availability may have to be limited to a single appointment per student. 

For specific advice about your visa application you can also contact: advice@lboro.ac.uk 

Last Updated: 27th April 2023