BRP Issues

The following information outlines the steps you should take if there is a problem with your Biometric Residence Permit (BRP).

If you need a copy of your BRP Student Records or London Student Services may be able to assist if you have previously provided details e.g. at registration.

As UKVI’s reliance on BRPs is being phased out by 2025 there is an increasing number of students who will have digital permission instead of a BRP, the visa details are recorded and accessed on-line as an eVisa.  Currently this includes: EU/EEA students who used the ‘UK Immigration: ID Check’ app to enter or stay in the UK and non-visa nationals who extended their permission to stay in the UK using the ID check app.  Any UKVI decision should make it clear whether a BRP is also issued.

My BRP expires 31 December 2024

Current BRP technology will only be valid to 31 December 2024. If your immigration permission is granted beyond this date the full duration will be recorded in the UKVI decision but your BRP will expire on 31 December 2024. You can prove the full duration of your permission online eg for work or renting purposes.

From March 2024 UKVI has started a phased rollout of the transition from BRPs to eVisas:

In the first phase UKVI are sending individual emails to some BRP holders inviting them to set up an online account.  The emails are being sent out to a limited number of people while UKVI test and develop the process.  The emails are sent from ‘’ with the subject line  ‘Important information about your BRP and changes to the UK immigration system’, they include instructions and a link for the individual to use to set up an online account.  If you receive an invitation and need help you can contact

If you do not receive an invitation you should be able to set up an online account when UKVI make the process generally available to all BRP holders.  This is currently scheduled for summer 2024 onwards.  The eVisa information should be updated as the rollout process progresses.

The eVisa information currently indicates you would still use any BRP you hold for travel in 2024:

In the future you’ll be able to use an eVisa to travel to the UK – you will not need to carry a physical document, except for your current passport, which must be registered to your UKVI account.  Until the end of 2024 you will need to continue to carry your physical document when you travel, if you have one.

My BRP is lost, damaged or stolen in the UK

If your BRP is lost or stolen, you must notify UKVI by completing an online report.    

If it is stolen you should report this to the police and try to obtain a police report/reference. Many police forces (including Leicestershire and Metropolitan police) do not take reports of lost ID. 

UKVI will cancel a reported BRP, the BRP will no longer be valid even if it is subsequently recovered after a loss or theft. You are also required to cut up any cancelled BRP in your possession. 

If you have more than three months’ permission left you must apply for a replacement BRP within three months of the loss, theft or damage.   

If you have less than three months' permission left, you should apply for further immigration permission (if you are eligible) or leave the UK before your permission expires. 

If you are planning to leave the UK and not return within the period remaining on your lost, stolen or damaged BRP, or you plan to return in a different visa category, you are not required to replace the BRP.

My BRP is lost, damaged or stolen overseas

If your BRP is lost or stolen you must notify UKVI by completing an online report. It is advisable to report any loss or theft to local police and retain any report/reference issued. 

UKVI will cancel a reported BRP, the BRP will be no longer be valid even if it is subsequently recovered after a loss or theft. You are also required to cut up any cancelled BRP in your possession. 

If you are overseas and not planning to return to the UK in the period remaining on your lost, stolen or damaged BRP, or you plan to return in a different visa category, you are not required to replace the BRP.     

You cannot apply for a replacement BRP from overseas. If you do need to return to the UK, you must apply online for a single-entry Replacement BRP visa and once you have used the visa to return to the UK, you must then apply for a new BRP within one month (see How do I apply for a replacement BRP?).    

When you apply, you should select “BRP vignette transfer”.

You do not need to provide a CAS for this application, it may help if you provide a student status letter which you can download from Student Self Service. 

The Replacement BRP visa will be issued as a new vignette in your passport which lets you re-enter the UK once only. 

You should provide Student Records or Student Services (for LUiL students) with a copy of the Replacement BRP visa. 

How do I apply for a replacement BRP?

To apply for a replacement BRP, you must be in the UK. Applications are submitted online 

Towards the end of the online process, you should choose one of the different UKVI service standards for processing times which includes standard, priority and super priority services. 

If you want us to fully advise on your application, you should stop and save your application at the ‘documents’ stage. Book an appointment with us so that we can check your online form and documents. We will then help you decide which service to use and your appointment options. 

After paying for your application (including biometric fee) the online portal directs you to make an appointment at a UK Visa and Citizenship Application Services (UKVCAS) ‘service point’ run by Sopra Steria.  

There are numerous UKVCAS service points around the UK. A limited number of free appointments are available at all service points except ‘premium lounge’ services. There is a standard charge for all other appointments. Free appointments are generally available 9:00 – 14:00 and are more likely to be booked up first. You will often have to wait longer for a free appointment, deciding to pay for an earlier appointment can allow your application to be decided quicker. If you cannot see a suitable appointment immediately you may need to consider alternative locations and keep checking daily. UKVCAS publish new appointments daily up to 28 days in advance, currently free appointment availability is updated at 9am and chargeable appointments are added at midnight. 

The nearest UKVCAS service points to Loughborough campus include Nottingham, Birmingham and Sheffield, there are numerous service points across London. 

You will have the option to upload your supporting evidence online prior to visiting the service point or pay extra to take your documents to be scanned at your appointment. 

To your appointment you will need to take:

  • Appointment confirmation print out including scannable QR code 
  • Passport 
  • Any supporting evidence that has not already been scanned and uploaded, e.g. when you have paid UKVCAS for document scanning 

Even if you have uploaded all your documents in advance it would be wise to take them to the UKVCAS appointment in case a scanning error is identified. 

At your UKVCAS appointment you will have to scan your application QR code, passport, any outstanding documents and ‘enrol your biometrics’ by having a digital photograph, scans of your fingerprints and a signature taken.

When will I receive my BRP?

This depends on when you attend your UKVCAS appointment and the UKVI service standard you have paid for. The target time for ‘standard’ applications is 8 weeks, ‘priority’ applications have a target time of 5 working days, ‘super priority’ applications should be decided within a day after the UKVCAS appointment.  

You will also have to wait for your new BRP to be subsequently delivered by courier which should be within 10 working days. We always advise against making any firm travel plans until after the new BRP is received.

After your new BRP is issued

You should contact Student Records or Student Services (for LUL students) to let them know that you have received a new BRP and to make arrangements to provide a copy. 

After reporting a lost, stolen or damaged BRP UKVI will cancel the BRP, require you to cut up any damaged or recovered BRP and send them evidence you have done this (any such instructions are issued by email).

How can the University support you?

You can find guidance on various visa topics on the University’s webpages. These webpages include the most common visa related topics, questions and issues. You should always use the webpages first however if you require advice or guidance beyond what is covered on the webpages you can contact the Student Advice and Support Service.

Last Updated: 9th April 2024