What are Adjustments?

We use the term ‘adjustments’ to mean different ways the exam can be adjusted to become accessible for you.

Adjustments are agreed between you and your Advisor, who then pass the information to Registry. Make sure to check that your adjustments are in place prior to the deadlines below, not all adjustments (e.g. if you had extra time for school exams) will automatically transfer.

Some examples of exam adjustments include:

  • Additional time
  • Rest breaks
  • Permission for personal belongings e.g., medication
  • Smaller (sometimes individual rooms) where you can sit your exam
  • Adapted print media e.g., enlarged font size.

Deadlines to register for exam adjustments:

We need to have received your documents by specific deadlines in order to arrange support for exams. You can find information about the deadlines in the Student Handbook.

Whilst we can still receive your documents after the deadlines, we cannot guarantee support can be arranged in time. Please check your exam timetables and the Student Self Service Portal regularly to see if changes have been made.

How can the University support you?

We can discuss your adjustment requirements with you and then work alongside Registry and your Department to arrange the support.

What to do next?

You should check your current exam adjustments via your self-service portal here 

If they are not as you are expecting, please contact us by email (studentinclusion@lboro.ac.uk) or phoning on 01509 222765 with the stated deadlines in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know what adjustments I’ve already got in place at University?

Visit your self-service page here and view the ‘disability’ tab

What paperwork do you need from me to arrange my exam support?

For more information please view our SWAI Evidence Policy

Will adjustments stay in place for the duration of my studies?

Yes, they will. This includes upon your return from any placement or Leave Of Absence etc.

I had extra time for School exams, will I automatically get this for my University exams?

No, you will need to register with SWAI and be reassessed.

What do I do if I don’t see an adjustment I need listed?

Please contact studentinclusion@lboro.ac.uk or studentwellbeing@lboro.ac.uk to request the adjustment you require. One of our advisors will review your request.

Last Updated: 13th April 2021