Student Services

Guidance for Staff

Below are some proformas which can be sent to a student where you believe there is a safeguarding concern.

Consider if there is a safeguarding referral required (what was the age at incident, was it a teacher/sports coach/family member, does the alleged perpetrator still have access to children) – if you are unsure please send link to DAI.

What is a Safeguarding Concern?

Definition: The term 'safeguarding' is used to refer to areas of concern relating to children or vulnerable adults, including: Child protection issues, (Sexual) exploitation, Radicalisation, Physical abuse or neglect, Emotional abuse or neglect.

Examples: A child or adult raises an allegation of current abuse, harm or other inapporpriate behaviour.

A student, staff member or visitor discloses information involving themselves or family members which gives rise to concerns that an individual may be harming or abusing a child or vulnerable adult.

There are suspicions or indications that a child or vulnerable adult is being abused or harmed, or is at risk of exploitation, harm or abuse, including radicalisation.

There are observable changes in a child or vulnerable adult's appearance or behaviour that may be related to exploitation, harm or abuse, including radicalisation.

A concern is raised that an individual presents a risk of abuse or harm towards a child or vulnerable adult.

Concerns arise that a student or member of staff is vulnerable to radicalisation and there is an identifiable risk of being drawn into terrorism.

A historic disclosure of sexual or physical abuse is made, where the perpetrator still has access to children or vulnerable adults.