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Hate Incidents

Below are some proformas which can be sent to a student if they have been subject to a hate incident.

Consider if there is a safeguarding referral required (what was the age at incident, was it a teacher/sports coach/family member, does the alleged perpetrator still have access to children) – if you are unsure please send link to DAI.

What is a Hate Incident?

Definition: This is any behaviour that you believe was caused by hostility, prejudice or hatred due to a person's actual or perceived: disability, gender identity or sexual orientation, race or religion or belief.

Examples: You can experience a Hate incident, if someone believes you belong to a particular group regardless of whether you identify that way.

Physical Attack – Physical assault on the victim or on their family or carer, damage to property or pets, offensive graffiti and/or arson.

Threat of Attack – This includes offensive letter, abusive telephone calls, groups hanging around to intimidate and/or unfounded malicious complaints.

Verbal Abuse – Offensive leaflets and posters, abusive gestures, dumping rubbish outside people’s homes and/or bullying at school or in the workplace.