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Guidance for Staff

Domestic Violence Proformas

Below are some proformas which can be sent to a student if they have been subject to domestic violence.

Consider if there is a safeguarding referral required (what was the age at incident, was it a teacher/sports coach/family member, does the alleged perpetrator still have access to children) – if you are unsure please send link to DAI.

Domestic Abuse Definition

Definition: This covers a variety of areas but revolves around an individual utilising power and control over individuals. Domestic Abuse can refer to a single or pattern of incidents.

Examples: Domestic Abuse can occur regardless of gender and/or sexual orientation. Domestic abuse can include: Coercive Control, Emotional, Financial, Online/Digital abuse, Psychological, Physical and Sexual Abuse.

Coercive Control can include isolation from friends and family and being monitored.

Financial Abuse includes using or misusing money which limits and controls their partners current and future actions and their freedom of choice.

Online Domestic Abuse can consist of behaviours such as monitoring social media profiles or emails, abuse over social media, sharing intimate photos or videos without your consent and/or using GPS or spyware.