Staff Development

About us

What we do

Our mission is to assist all staff in reaching their full potential, whilst supporting the university to learn and change. In order to fulfil this mission we execute the following actions

  • Provide courses and programmes in response to common needs identified during Performance and Development Reviews (PDR)
  • Introduce specific frameworks or interventions which are linked to the overall strategy of the University
  • Promote learning, development, creativity, change and innovation at individual, team and group level
  • Provide executive coaching of managers and leaders
  • Our Staff Development Advisor for Equality and Diversity supports Loughborough University in meeting its statutory equality requirements, building the organisation's capability to deliver on equality, diversity and inclusion and embedding these throughout our learning and service areas.
  • The Equality and Diversity advisor delivers learning and development programmes, supports staff networks and provides information, advice and resources to support staff with any equality issues.
  • Encourage the sharing of expertise and ideas across the institution
  • Set up and coordinate groups with shared interests, such as AdNet and TechNet - the support networks for staff working in administrative and technical role