LGBT+ Support

At Loughborough we are committed to supporting all students regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Our campus operates a strict zero tolerance policy on anti LGBT+ behaviour, and anyone who feels that this is not being respected is strongly advised to report it to the University through our Online Incident Reporting Portal or to the Students’ Union.

How can the University Support you?

Across the University and Students’ Union there are a variety of ways to access support if you do identify as LGBT+ or if you are questioning your sexuality or gender identity.

Loughborough Students’ Union has an LGBT+ Association, which provides a student-led support network for every student who identifies under the LGBT+ umbrella, as well as hosting a mix of fun and educational events throughout the year. The Association also has specific social and support groups catering to transgender and gender diverse students, students on the asexual or aromantic spectrums and students who are both LGBT+ and come from an ethnic minority background. 

We also have an LGBT+ Staff Network designed to support, raise awareness of the issued faced by and advocate for LGBT+ Staff. 

For students who may be questioning or need support with their gender identity, the University offers a Trans and Non-binary Support and Advice Service. This service is led by Lisa Vine, an LGBT+ advocate, consultant and trainer based in Loughborough, who is also a Loughborough University alumna and previous Chair of Loughborough Students’ Union's LGBT+ Association. 

As part of our commitment to supporting Students and staff members who identify as transgender or non-binary, the University has a Transgender and Non-binary Working Group which oversees work to improve our systems, policies, and processes to better support our transgender and non-binary staff and students.  

We have specific advice and resources below for if you need support related to your sexuality or your gender identity. 

How to add your pronouns to your Microsoft profile

Microsoft has introduced a new feature that has been enabled for access at Loughborough University.

Students and staff now have the option to include their pronouns on their profile card. This feature is available in Teams and Outlook on the Web, and changes are effective immediately.

How to add pronouns through Microsoft Teams

  1. Select your profile image in the upper right corner and hover over your name.
  2. This will display your profile card. Select + Pronouns.
  3. Enter your pronouns or select from the examples.


How to add pronouns through Outlook on the Web

  1. Select the “People” icon from the menu options on the left.
  2. In the Search bar located at the top of the page, search for your own name.
  3. This will display your profile card. Select + Pronouns.
  4. Enter your pronouns or select from the examples.


Further information

You can find more information about this on the Microsoft Webiste here.

Last Updated: 1st June 2023